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    This is the best place I have ever been to, after my own home! Cornish Roseland Cottage has now become my second home, and I always look forward to spending time here whenever I’m in town!

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4 Misconceptions about Christian Living that You Must Not Believe

Reading a Bible

Let’s face it, with so many sects and religions existing today, each with their own interpretation of the Scriptures and claims to be the right one, it can be quite difficult to choose what to believe. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that the differences between their interpretations are so subtle that they all seem to make sense. It’s no wonder there’s a lot of misconceptions about Christian living going around, which lead to a misguided faith. The Pathway Church Redding has provided some of the common concepts in the Christian faith that are actually wrong.

You Must Go to Church to Wash Away Your Sins

Many think of the church as some kind of a spiritual dumpster where they can throw away their sins and find relief from guilt. Although praying for forgiveness is a common practice inside the church, it is not the church’s purpose. The church is a place where you commune with the Lord and with the people you share the same faith with. It is where you worship as a congregation not only because He commands it but more importantly because He said “where there are two or three gathered in My name, I am there with them” (Matthew 18:20). What makes this misconception particularly dangerous is that it makes you believe that it’s okay to continue living in sin because you can simply flush them off at church every Sunday.

Deciding to Become a Christian Means Giving Up All the Fun

Giving up something of great value is a decision that hope you never have to make. Many think of becoming a Christian as a process that puts them in such a tough situation. Truth is it doesn’t. When you become a Christian, you acquire a different set of interests. Your love for secular things diminishes and is replaced by your love for things that please God. You won’t be forced to do it. It just comes naturally as you continue to build up your faith. In fact, one clear indicator that you are a true Christian is when you don’t struggle against the desire to go back to your old life.

Being a Christian Means Being Perfect

Christians are taught to live a life that pleases God. The entire Chapter 4 of 1 Thessalonians gives us insights on how that works. But does that mean we must be perfect? Or rather a more important question to ask “Is being perfect even possible?” When you see perfection as the only key to pleasing God, you will fail. In Colossians 3:13, we are told to “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” If you think about it, why would Paul who told the Thessalonians about living a life that pleases God teach the Colossians to forgive each other if there’s nothing to forgive? The most reasonable answer is that living a life that pleases God doesn’t mean being perfect, but admitting our imperfections and the fact that only God can make us whole.

When You’re a Christian, Nothing Bad Will Happen to You

While we want to believe that God can literally and physically come to our aid when we are in danger, that’s not how it works. Let’s not equate him with fictional superheroes from our favourite films or TV shows. We live in the same world as those who don’t believe in God, which means we are as prone to the same kinds of dangers as them. But this doesn’t mean God doesn’t interfere altogether. He always does for those who believe. It’s just that his ways are not as we expect them to be. Let’s not forget what He said in Isaiah 55:8,9—“So my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Sometimes, to understand the truth of the Word of God, we have to free our minds of all the clutter that complicates things. Just as Matthew said, “. . . unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Let us not be deceived by the fallacies created by our own knowledge. Let’s seek wisdom from the right sources to build our faith, which only “comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Romans10:17).

Types of Recreation

Being caught in a whirlwind of monotonous and hectic activities every day, everyone needs a few hours or weeks to breathe away from the pressures of reality and unwind via some recreational activity. Like the age-old saying goes, work and play are equally important for a man to flourish but neither should be in abundance. We live in a world where there are hundreds of different recreational activities to choose from based on what interests you and it is important for you to pick one and keep at it in order to take a break and rejuvenate your mind. In this article, we have explored different types of recreation for you to choose from.

Indoor Recreational Activities:

Not all forms of recreation involve playing a sport, talking walks or going running. There are many activities that you can indulge in, in the comfort of your home, in your own personal space. Some of these include the following:

1: Reading:

Reading is perhaps one of the most pleasurable and beneficial recreational activities there is and while it might not seem the best source of entertainment to many, people who love reading argue that they are never bored of their own company if they have a book in hand. Reading is also a great source of information so make sure to pick up a book that suits you and spend some time with it.

2: Writing:

Writing is a very refreshing type of recreation as it helps you unload your mind on paper and rejuvenate yourself. Writing can give you a sense of release and relief and will also help you hone your creativity in the best way possible.

3: Video Games:

Despite the common notion that video games encourage violent behavior, thousands of games swear by the recreational benefits of gaming and think of it as a huge stress buster. Today there a wide array of games to choose from and as long as you don’t get addicted, gaming is a very entertaining choice of recreation.

Outdoor Recreational Activities:

Recreation also means getting some fresh air and sunshine at times and making sure your body gets enough exercise and your mind stays active. Thus, there are many outdoor recreational activities you can indulge in as well of which some include:

1: Hiking:

There is nothing better to do on a bright yet breezy day to load up your backpacks and go on a long hike with your friends or on your own. The experience will both refresh your body and mind and help you forget about all that’s worrying you.

2: Camping:

Camping is one of the most fun recreational activities there is. Find yourself a good spot, set up your tent and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty while roasting your marshmallows or meat from a wood fire and singing old songs with your friends or family.

3: Fishing:

Fishing is one of the most favoured recreational activities there is and there is and there are many types of the same. There is nothing more calming than grabbing a fishing rod and sitting by the bank of a river hoping to catch some fish.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are plenty of other recreational activities you can indulge in as well including dancing, singing, swimming, surfing the internet, trekking etc. Pick whatever catches your fancy and make sure to allow some time to enjoy it every day or week!

Things You Must Know Before You Go Hunting

Hunting has been the way of life for centuries but recently it has become a beloved family bonding experience for some and even more recently a sport that is shunned as it involves taking the life of something just for fun. But whatever your reason is, if you decide to go hunting there are some things you must know.

The best way to answer your questions is to take a hunting course wherein they will teach you the safest and legally approved way of hunting. This course typically contains all of the information needed for everyone with includes addressing a lot of questions like firearm maintenance and safety, hunting ethics and safety, hunting techniques.

Taking a course like this is a very responsible thing to and is one of the best ways to keep you armed and ready with the knowledge to tackle any hairy situation that may arise on your hunt. Here are some more things to keep in mind before you go hunting.

1. Hunting Licence:

A hunting license is a requirement for any hunter to stay on the up and up with the government. They can be obtained from any state wildlife agencies and are very helpful with informing you of all of the state regulations so there is no excuse to break the law. They can also be extremely important in understanding hunting seasons and locations which can increase your odds of success.

2. Match your gear to the game:

A lot of rookie hunters make the mistake of buying the wrong kind of gun for a certain type of game. There are a million options available in terms of hunting gear so before you buy anything you should decide- what you are hunting? Where are you hunting? When will you be hunting? The answer to these three questions should form the basis of what kind of gear you are carrying. There is no point in having winter hunting gear during a summer hunt.

3. Start small:

Like with most things, it is a good idea to start small. This is a recommendation for both game and the gear you have with you. Hunting smaller gain will give you the confidence and experience needed with your new gear and helps you learn what works and what doesn’t. Also, having expensive and fancy gear doesn’t help you if you don’t know how to utilize it properly.

4. Basic Equipment:

There are some things that every hunter must have in their possession. This includes a hunting knife for skinning your prey, light rope which have a million users in the field, a bag pack which can hold all of your gear, GPS, binoculars, hunting boots etc.

A good hunter does not depend on his tools to make him great. The tools are only there to help you become more proficient at what you. A good gun, basic equipment, and a good set of boots are usually only you need to become a good hunter.

Hiking For Beginners: 10 Essential Tips

There is nothing better on a bright yet breezy day to pack up your backpack and go on a long hike with a group of good friends. Studies have shown that hiking has many benefits, both physical and mental. From reducing stress and anxiety to proving the best kind of exercise, hiking is from reducing stress and anxiety to proving the best kind of exercise, recreation doesn’t get any better than hiking.
In this article we have listed out 10 hiking tips for beginners, to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

1: Find A Group To Hike With:

It is much more fun to hike with a group than alone so try to find a good group to go with rather than venturing off on your own. Hiking with others is also much more motivating than on your own and will keep you on your feet longer.

2: Start Small And Choose The Right Trail:

Your body might not be able to handle a long, hard trail on the first try. So make sure that you choose an easy trail that is a little shorter than how much you normally walk on a paved or level surface.

3: Wear Comfortable Hiking Footwear:

One of the most important factors that contribute to a good hike is the right footwear. So make sure to choose footwear that doesn’t easily give you blisters and provides the balance you need.

4: Check The Weather:

Make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave for a hike for this will give you a good idea about what to pack and what to wear.

5: Make Sure To Hydrate Properly:

It is very important to carry a good amount of water with you on a hike and to hydrate properly during regular intervals to ensure that your body doesn’t tire and give up easily due to dehydration.

6: Pack Your Essentials:

There are around 10 essentials you need with you on a hike apart from water including navigation, sunscreen, insulation, first aid, repair kit, nutrition, emergency shelter, fire, illumination etc.

7: Leave Your Trip Plan With A Close Friend Of Family Member:

Make sure to inform someone of your hiking plan before you leave, especially if it is a challenging or dangerous trail. Provide them with details regarding where you plan to go, when you are expected to return, who to call in case you aren’t back on schedule etc.

8: Keep It Light:

A heavy backpack can easily wear you down, so make sure that you only pack exactly what you need and nothing more. There is nothing more tiring than lugging around a huge back on a challenging trail.

9: Learn How To Read A Map:

It is important to learn how to read a topographic map before you leave on a hike for this will help you find your position and not get lost. Map reading is a much easier skill to learn than using a compass.

10: Leave No Trace:

It is our responsibility to ensure that any beautiful trail we find remains the way it was found when we leave it. Make sure that you don’t litter or leave any trace on the way and dispose of any waste carefully.

Grand, new adventures.